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Glengarry Construction is founded on the principal of quality construction that exceeds our clients expectations. From raw materials, to design concepts, to architectural drawings and finally build and finishings, the Glengarry Construction experience is polished and proven exceptional with each build. We pride ourselves on being a budget conscious custom home builder that transcends the drawings to bring client visions to life.

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In order to START THE PROCESS please fill out our inquiry form to help us better understand the projected type of project. Once submitted, a member from our team will evaluate the project and reach out to you within 5 business days.

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As a construction company, Glengarry Construction cannot provide value on every request. We will evaluate your inquiry and advise if our company can take on the proposed project or if we may have to regrettably decline due to location, budget, scope of work, etc.

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A site visit will be arranged following our phone or email conversations and confirmation that Glengarry Construction's construction approach is best suited for your project.

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Plans from a designer and/or architect are required for Glengarry Construction to effectively budget your proposed project. Glengarry Construction does not have an in-house designer or architect, although we work with many within the community.

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Once planning is completed, Glengarry Construction works diligently to outline and complete a scope of work including an estimated cost of your proposed project. Upon completion of the scope of work and estimated cost, the owner of Glengarry Construction will directly reach out to set up a formal meeting to present the budget.

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You will determine that the estimated cost and scope of work meets your desired budget and fulfills your needs. Upon deciding to proceed, we will commence the process to formalize and sign the contract and obtain a deposit cheque.

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Glengarry Construction believes in doing a job right. If a permit for your job is required we will then work with the designer and/or architect to initiate the permit application process on your behalf.

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Now that the planning process is complete, Glengarry Construction will commence construction. We are proud of being selected as a Baeulmer Approved construction company based on the positive feedback our previous clients have given us. We provide renovation work as a preferred supplier to Lowes. Our associations make us proud and you can take comfort in our associations.




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